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These are personal stories about loved ones who have lost their battle with this thing we call life by completing suicide. We tell their stories to celebrate their lives and in hope of allowing those that read to be able to identify with the stories and show that those of us left behind do not have to grieve alone. We also have stories from Warriors who have struggled throughout their lives and are still here to tell their own story. 

Please respect this space, as it is not easy to share these stories!

We are always looking to add more stories and would be honored to share yours. You're not alone!!!

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Who Is Michelle?!?!

Well hello there! My name is Michelle Evans. I am a daughter, niece, cousin, aunt, sister, wife and mother. It's taken many years to get my thoughts straight. And it was a long road. Kelli Hansen (the creator of this movement) and I have been friends since freshman year of high school. She didn't even know my story until recently. My story, which you are about to hear, was tightly under wraps for many years. From early childhood, through adulthood, my mom would scream at me, belittle me, make me feel like bacteria scum on a wall. I quit talking to her for 4 years. And wouldn't allow my son to see her. Mothers Day 2019, I opened the door back up to her for a fresh start. This was a huge piece

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Suicide Sucks!!!

Make Mental Health Matter

BCC Evolution is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that is determined to build an army of people that can be compassionate and educated to help those in need when in a mental health crisis.

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Suicide and mental health is never an easy topic to talk about, so we respect all viewpoints, comments and questions. We also keep private any messages that are sent in confidentiality. We will never sell, solicit or use any information provided to us without prior consent. We never store credit card information as we mainly use PayPal and only processing companies who are completely secure. If you have any questions or issues please reach out via email to support@bccevolution.org for further clarification.

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