Who is??...

These are personal stories about loved ones who have lost their battle with this thing we call life by completing suicide. We tell their stories to celebrate their lives and in hope of allowing those that read to be able to identify with the stories and show that those of us left behind do not have to grieve alone. We also have stories from Warriors who have struggled throughout their lives and are still here to tell their own story. 

Please respect this space, as it is not easy to share these stories!

We are always looking to add more stories and would be honored to share yours. You're not alone!!!

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Who is Brianna??...

I am the Mother of Brianna Canacari... where do I start? Brianna will be forever 12 years old and an angel watching over us. She was the kind of girl that would light up a room, her smile was infectious, her hugs would knock you to the ground and that laugh would warm your belly. Brianna was a girl who knew who she was, she loved experimenting with different hair colors, makeup and clothes. She had a spicy streak in her, I guess just like me. When she was 11 and 12 years old our relationship was a little harder, we definitely butted heads more. But just like raising our other daughter we chalked it up to adolescence. We had our ups and downs, but towards the end I thought it was starting to

Who is Carrie Lyn??...

I’m hoping that by sharing my perspective that some inspiration or some clarification will result. Whatever you might find, I hope within this post you will understand our family’s pain and sadness without her. My middle sister Carrie Lyn lost her battle with this thing we call life 1 year ago today Feb 20th by taking her own life from one fatal gunshot to her heart. This may seem like too much information, but I feel it is important to fully understand. I am the youngest of 5 girls, Carrie and I were the closest of all my sisters. She was the one I grew up with longest. She was the big sister who was intent on experiencing everything she could in as short of an amount of time as possible. S

Who am I??....

My name is Kelli Hansen and I am the creator of this movement. Welcome to our family!! A little bit about me and why I am so passionate about saving lives, also why I knew I needed to create this page and start a movement to break the silence that surrounds suicide and mental health.... I have been working hand in hand with The BRI Project for many, many years trying to spread awareness for the chocking game, teen risky behavior and suicide prevention. I never really truly understood what it all meant until I lost my middle sister Carrie Lyn almost a year ago on Feb 20th, 2016 when she lost her battle with this thing we call life and took her own life. I'll tell you more about her story in a

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Suicide Sucks!!!

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