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love life volunteer program

Volunteers are needed to help at various fundraisers throughout the year. Tasks would include things like helping make and create capes, homeless packages, picking up donated items, etc. and all other pre-event help. Also day of event help, handing out capes, homeless packages, etc. No background check needed. Email us at to request to be notified when volunteers are needed.


Surviving the storm networking series volunteer

Volunteers are needed for our monthly Surviving The Storm Networking Series events. Tasks include things like check in, set up or tear down, etc. Also looking for any councilors, therapists, mental health specialists or wellness educators to be on site for any participants who may need additional grief support. No background check needed, however certification proof for councilors, etc. may be requested. Email us at to request to be notified when community networking volunteers are needed.


General volunteer

Volunteers needed for all other events, fundraisers, brainstorming sessions for more projects, programs, etc. Also volunteers for partner nonprofit events. No background check needed. Email us at to request to be notified when general volunteers are needed.


film festival volunteer

Volunteers for our annual film festival are extremely important as it is our largest event of the year. Tasks will include box office, set up and tear down, silent auction, art gallery, guest speakers, VIP, red carpet, etc. No background check needed. Email us at to request to be notified when film festival volunteers are needed. 


Board Member

We are always looking for board members as BCC Evolution is a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. As a board member you will serve for a period for 2 years and be required to attend at least 1 meetings per month and at least 1 event per year. The board position will be determined after application is received. This is a voluntary position without monetary compensation. No background check needed. Email us at to request to be notified when fundraising volunteers are needed.

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Suicide Sucks!!!

Make Mental Health Matter

BCC Evolution is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that is determined to build an army of people that can be compassionate and educated to help those in need when in a mental health crisis.

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Suicide and mental health is never an easy topic to talk about, so we respect all viewpoints, comments and questions. We also keep private any messages that are sent in confidentiality. We will never sell, solicit or use any information provided to us without prior consent. We never store credit card information as we mainly use PayPal and only processing companies who are completely secure. If you have any questions or issues please reach out via email to for further clarification.

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