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BCC Evolution is a collaborative effort to create a movement that is ever evolving. BCC stands for "Because Carrie Cared". BCC also reflects on the theory behind Blind Carbon Copy emails, a person’s name is on the "bcc" line and they do not know who else's name is there. It is hidden and that is how we think about Mental Health conditions, they are there, but you may not know they are there. Our goal is to figure out how to get the hidden names listed on the "bcc" line to the "to" line to open the conversation and bring light to each person as an individual to show that they are not alone. You cannot always see a mental health condition or know how to address it until it is too late, and we lose a life to the act of suicide.


Almost everyone in the world has been touched by suicide, mental illness, or the loss of someone close to them. According to the CDC: 1 in 5 adults experience a mental illness in a given year and suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for individuals ages 10-34. However, 5 in 5 of us have mental health. 

It is time to break the silence and stigma of mental health and bring light to the epidemic of suicide.  This movement is designed for the community of people that have been left behind, have attempted or need resources to help their loved ones. Also a place to see the faces, names and stories of those that are ready to speak up and honor the lives of those lost or honor themselves for the journey they have survived. 


BCC Evolution is a movement...

A place for survivors

A place for warriors

A place for those left behind


You're not alone!!!


The Problem 

Mental Health is the epidemic, suicide is the action that occurs from a mental condition, including but not limited to, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse, which are all risk factors. Or past traumatic experiences like child abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape, grief or loss, divorce, bullying, head trauma or any type of trauma throughout life can also be a huge factor.  And we know there is not enough Mental Health facilities or providers to support the amount of people in need or suffering from a mental health condition. This lack of resources is causing people to attempt or complete the act of suicide due to feelings of being alone or not having another option. Our future and our past are dying by their own hands and the stigma and silence that surrounds mental health needs to be eliminated.

Our Solution

BCC offers multiple levels of education classes and master educator classes. Education saves lives. The more people know and understand, the better they can help those in need or themselves.

We offer several programs and resources including, our "Who Is???..." blog to share your story.

BeeKind2YourMind monthly subscription boxes for anyone and BeeKind2YourMind care packages for the helpers, specifically: Military, Teachers and Nurses which created an opportunity to volunteer to make the boxes and deliver them to boost endorphins and make an impact.

Trauma Fund for survivors and/or victims to support them and their families when involved in a trauma like mass shootings, death of a child by suicide, national racial hate crime, etc.

NLP Scholarship fund to support those that need and cannot fully afford NLP coaching, this program is partnered with Mobile Lighthouse.

We also host several events every year to continue the conversation in a safe place like our annual International MHSA Film Festival, Annual Gala and coming soon a concert series.

Lastly providing multiple opportunities on top of the BeeKind2YourMind care packages to volunteer which volunteering has been shown to create a state of euphoria and releases the feel-good hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine, which is your happy juice. Volunteering is proven to reduce stress and increase feelings of self-worth and pride which in turn can help your mental state.

BCC Evolution focuses more on the Mental Health aspect which ultimately contributes to the prevention of suicide.

“If we open our minds, hearts and mouths, together we can make mental health matter!!"

It is okay to not be okay!!